Jenna is the founder/owner/director of all things Love LEM. Her husband Josh runs his own successful business, but assists Love LEM with strategy, accounting, and any other avenue needed! They have one beautiful little girl, Elliana who keeps them smiling, laughing, and on their toes daily! Aside from running Love LEM, Jenna stays home with her daughter, and teaches part time as well. Early mornings, nap time, and post-bedtime are carved out for Love LEM and Jenna can only hope her daughter will nap until she's at least...6 (wishful thinking, right?!)

The origin of Love LEM:

Jenna always dreamt of becoming a mom and dressing up her babies! After being blessed with a child they were told they would never conceive, they continue to believe that nothing is impossible unless you think it is. On the quest to build her daughter’s wardrobe, Jenna struggled to find one place for all things modern, unique, comfortable, and effortless. Knowing she couldn’t be the only one having this struggle, she believed finding the solution WAS possible and that this momma could do it! So she set out to make it het mission to help mommas everywhere find the best pieces in one spot, so that they can spend their time doing what matters most: making memories with those sweet babes!

The why behind our partnership with ACPMP:

If you’ve read a little about us, you may remember us mentioning being told we would probably never be able to conceive. Back in 2014, a routine appendectomy procedure changed our lives entirely. After a long road consumed with multiple doctors appointments, tests, scans, and a whole lot of uncertainty, confusion, heartache, and tears; Josh was diagnosed with stage 4 mucinous peritoneal adenocarcinoma. Yes, a mouthful of a diagnosis that falls on the “extremely rare” list with an estimate of about only 3 people being diagnosed per million in a year. Since diagnosis, Josh has undergone three very intense procedures in hopes to dissect as much of the cancerous tumors as possible. In addition he has been on multiple chemotherapy regimens and spent many hours in treatment rooms. Regardless of what the statistics have said, we have always made it a point to not give them our attention. Josh is still here today because of his attitude, determination, and dedication that he wakes up every day with even if he is in pain as a result of his body still harboring disease. We thank God every day for another day and know that his plan is bigger and better than the statistics a doctor may relay to us.  

 Being so rare, this type of cancer doesn’t receive as much attention research or funding wise. When we made the decision to partner up with a nonprofit, there was absolutely no question on which organization we would choose. We will fight every day for Josh and this is just another way we can!  There is an option to donate to ACPMP, Appendix Cancer Pseudomyxoma Peritonei Research Foundation upon checkout with Love LEM. The ACPMP organization exists to support and fund promising research that is working towards a cure for pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP), appendix cancer, and related peritoneal surface malignancies (PSM). They also endeavor to support the PMP, appendix cancer and PSM community of patients and their caregivers by providing the latest, most accurate information about the best practices in managing their disease. If you feel led to donate to the organization as you check out with us, please know how grateful we are for your support. We also appreciate and thank you for the thoughts and prayers as well, for we know they make a difference! Thank you for taking your time to learn a little more about us and the why behind our partnership with ACPMP. 


Click here to visit the ACPMP Website.